Fixtures Meeting Notes 25 July

Secretaries Report & Correspondence  
Secretaries Report – Matters Arising               

No matters arising from last meeting

Charter Standard

Just to advise that Andrew Brown (DFA) will be in attendance at the September meeting to advise Clubs of what is required for Charter Standard Health Check and also to advise new teams on the requirements.  Paul Campbell from the (NRCFA) will also be attending the meeting.

Also there is a first aid course arranged for 31 October 2018 at the Elm Tree Club, therefore anyone who needs to renew their certificate can attend along with teams who need to have someone qualified and those teams who want to have an extra person qualified for their Charter Standard Health Check.


League Statement – from FA received on a weekly basis.

Secretaries Report

I have to begin tonight’s secretary’s report with an apology in relation to the Annual General Meeting which was a complete farce and total disaster as far as I was concerned.

You have been issued with your opening fixtures tonight; the fixtures for September will appear on the website for the 2 September once I have received the draw for the first preliminary round of the DFA Sunday Cup as entries don’t close until 1 August.  The fixtures for the 9 September are the Ian Gorman Memorial Trophy and these will be drawn later and appear on the website asap.  The fixtures for the 16 September is the second preliminary round of the DFA Sunday Cup and will appear asap after the first round is completed.

Whilst on about the website as we are not meeting on a monthly basis this season you need to check the website on a regular basis for any information or fixture changes which may occur.  Also make sure that your team details are up to date, it is now your responsibility to maintain and keep up to date your Club page.

It is good to note that a number of teams have already started putting their registrations on the league website, there have been a couple of issues with registrations so the need to have them completed and not left until the last minute this season as is the norm.  If there is a problem then you need to advise Jes (in the first instance) or myself (secondly).  We have come across some issues and hopefully we have resolved these as we have gone along.  You must have at least 14 players registered on the website or at least waiting for sanctioning by 5 August.  However this is a request not to leave registering your players late as you may find there is a problem and the player will not be eligible for the first game and you could end up being charged for playing an unregistered player.  One thing you need to ensure is that you enter the players email address correctly as we have had instances whereby team has complained player has not received email from the league.  The process is fairly quick therefore if a player hasn’t received an email within the first 24 hours then he firstly needs to check his SPAM folder and make sure email hasn’t ended up there, secondly if that is not the case then player to advise his secretary. The secretary should then check that the email address enter on the player registration is correct, if so then again please advise Jes or myself of the problem.  Once all the pre-season registrations are in and completed then I will send an invoice to each team for the players registered, this needs to be paid by 1 September 2018 otherwise you will be suspended for non-payment.  Payment can be made to the Treasurer either by cash or cheque or can be made by bank transfer, details of which will be on the invoice. 

Match Day Signings:  This becomes very important therefore you need to be aware of the correct process, you must text Jes Lambert (unless otherwise advised) the player’s name, date of birth and Club on the morning before 10-30am (any received after this time will incur a fine).  Player details need to be added to website straight after the game with his details and email address and player needs to be advised he will receive an email therefore he needs to acknowledge the email asap and then he will be registered on website allowing you to do your match return.  Failure for the player to acknowledge the email could result in you being charged with playing an ineligible player and being unable to correctly complete your match return and this could lead to a fine for late match return.  Following discussion it was decided if you sign a player on the day and as long as you have sent Jes the text and have a signed player registration form and have added the player to the website for GDPR consent.  Then if you want to do your match return before the player has accepted the email for GDPR consent and is not on your list of players, complete the match return, leave the player off but advise League Secretary that the player is missing from the list and he will add to match return when GDPR consent has been given.  It is important that you advise player he needs to do this and as soon as possible and not cause any delay.

Then when all players are registered on the league website you can then register them on the Whole Game System, most of your existing players will be present if registered last season (certainly the DFA Clubs).  This will make your job much easier when it comes to suspensions and fines, bearing in mind that a player is suspended 7 days after the offence and this will appear on the league website and also in the WGS.

In your envelope tonight is a number of match sheets to cover the opening games, I didn’t realise that I did not have as many as I thought and the new teams have only been issued one at present.  These are on order and hopefully will have these by the August meeting date (more later) and hopefully new clubs will be attending this.

A reminder that for the Durham County Football Association clubs the player insurance (£55) is due on or before the 1 September 2018, if not paid then team will be suspended.

Also any Durham County Football Association clubs who wish to enter or haven’t entered the Sunday Cup the closing date is the 1 August 2018, cost is £10.

As of yet the League has not been sanctioned by Durham County Football Association awaiting sanctions meeting which will following the County Annual General Meeting (tomorrow night) and once sanctioned and rules sanctioned then these will be posted on the website, please once put on website read and digest as advised at the Annual General Meeting the rules have been split into two sections.

The registered players of Doctor McGonigles from last season have been suspended by the League, details on website of those who are suspended.  Full list of players sent to Durham County Football Association as they also owe them money so could be more outstanding would need to check with DFA.
Pre-Season Friendlies:  These must be sanctioned by your County FA otherwise your Public Liability and player insurance would become void.  Also you can only play against affiliated teams, all DFA teams are affiliated, and some NRCFA not as yet so would need to check.

Team of the Month – We will be carry on with team of the month again this season.

Cup Draws    Ian Gorman Memorial Trophy Preliminary & First Round, John Jackson Memorial Trophy, Steven Wells Memorial Trophy and the second division cup First & Second round draws were all completed tonight.

Referees:     Jes Lambert / Matthew Smith

Law Changes:  None that affect our level of the game.
Jes Lambert also reported that we had a lost some referees as they had been promoted to a higher level and would be operating on Saturdays and midweek so taking a break from Sunday football.  Jes also reminded teams that as we may be short some weeks if you haven’t confirmed your game with the referee by Wednesday (as per league rules) then if a game hasn’t got a referee then he may well be taken off the appointed game and moved to another game that was short of a referee.

Any Other Business

Date of the next League Meeting is on Wednesday 26 September 2018.  However I have arranged a meeting for the 15 August here at the Elm Tree Club for the new teams and any new secretaries that would like to attend or even anybody who would like to attend.  This will be an informal meeting outlining what are the requirements of the league with regards to website, fixtures, the whole game system and anything else that may be brought up.