Notes from Meeting 24 August 2016

Secretaries Report – Matters Arising                  

I have to apologise as I forgot to put the notes from the last meeting on the website.

Also I have to report that Durham County Football Association are unable to attend tonight and this meeting has been rescheduled to the October meeting when both Durham County Football Association and North Riding County Football Association will be in attendance.  The reason for non-attendance is that John Topping is away and he wants to attend in person, he was going to send somebody else but has decided against that.

Durham County Football Association Clubs Insurance due by 1 September 2016.

Charter Standard

The League attended the awards night at Durham County Cricket Ground on Tuesday 16 August and League President Derek Overton collected the FA Charter Standard League of the Year for Durham County.

It is also pleasing to report that Jes Lambert also collected an award as runner-up for Outstanding Contribution to Community Football, again a magnificent achievement and well deserved.

I have yet to organise a First Aid course for this season, once I have a date I will advise teams of this, however my list of first aiders is out of date due to teams not advising who their first aider is.  Therefore can I ask that as you have all completed your Charter Standard can you advise me of your first aider and the expiry date of their certificate as it only lasts three years.  Failure to comply with this instruction will result in a fine being issued.

Secretaries Report

Therefore not a lot to report tonight however a number of teams slipped up on Sunday with the following:

Hardwick Social Club failed to complete a match return within the required timescale, it was completed this morning at 6-40, Billingham The White House missed a caution of the match return and Norton Unicorn failed to confirm the game with the referee in the correct time scale.
I haven’t issued fines for these as I am using these as an example as to what can constitute a fine however the penalty points have been added to the Conduct Table.

So as a reminder so all are aware, match return needs to be completed by 6 pm on a Tuesday for a Sunday game and by 6pm on a Thursday for a Tuesday game and 6pm Saturday for a Thursday game.  As for Cautions or dismissals the easy way as these can be missed (not so much red cards) check with the referee at the end of the game if any cautions have been awarded.

As for informing referees of the match details for a Sunday this must done by 9 pm on a Wednesday, for a Tuesday night game it should be by 9pm on a Friday and 9pm on a Sunday for a Thursday game.

Also on your match return you don’t have to nominate a man of the match anymore.

As you all have access to your Clubs details these can now be amended by yourself if you have any changes, ie strip or phone number, all I ask is that if you make a change you let me know.

One other area for major concern is Yarm Road Playing Field; this really applies to The Garrick and The Oxbridge plus opposition teams who play there.  As many may know there is gentleman who does his best to report the slightest problem (ie litter, gates left open) to the Council, he has being doing this for some time, therefore when you play at Yarm Road can you ensure that you clear all rubbish away and the two teams ensure that the gate is locked.  Also other teams need to be aware to clear up after each game; the Council now check pitches on a regular basis so make sure you clean up.  If you play on a site with changing rooms then you may leave the rubbish bagged up inside and the council will remove.  Bags are available for teams, so if you want some please collect at end of meeting.

I have had a copy of the DFA Handbook added to the League website, also registration and Transfer forms are also available on the website.

from 2 September until the 17 September during this time I will not be contactable therefore for Sunday 4 September and Sunday 11 September as well as any midweek fixtures during this time then you need to contact Jes Lambert (not available during the day) that is for results and registrations plus anything else.

Sunday 4 September is the first preliminary round of the DFA Sunday cup with the next round two weeks later, therefore for the 18 September you need to check the website for any changes to fixture and referee, please help Jes as much as possible by doing things right.