FA Sunday Cup 2017-2018

The FA Sunday Cup
Season 2017-2018

This is only open to teams in the Premier Division

Clubs can now apply to enter The FA Sunday Cup for Season 2017-2018.

To apply, please use the direct link below to submit your application and payment online.
The application is ONLY available for online completion and online payment by credit or debit card, and an individual can make the payment with a personal card on the Clubs behalf.
On successful completion of the online application and online payment, you will receive an on screen confirmation and an automatic email confirmation will be sent to the participant from The FA. However, this does NOT constitute acceptance into the specified competition(s).
The closing date is Tuesday 1 August 2017.
A list of entries accepted will be available on www.TheFA.com towards the end of August 2017.

If you require any further information or assistance please email competition.entries@thefa.com or call 0800 169 1863 - Ext 4583 or 4622


Notes from AGM June 2017

Council Pitches

Booking Forms for Stockton Borough Council pitches are in your envelope tonight for those Teams who used the pitches last season and those who have requested a Council pitch.  Complete the Booking Form and sign the Terms & Condition Form and then they need to be returned to League Secretary by 1 July 2017.  Do not send any money as you will be invoiced for the pitch fees therefore do not delay in sending in your forms.  Teams who fail to submit their form by 1 July may lose the pitch they require and will be dealt with by the Management Committee.

Player Registration – All Teams

A handout has been issued to ALL teams regarding the correct process for Registrations, new registration forms have been also been issued, if you require any more at a later date then please send a stamped addresses envelope to League Secretary or Registration Secretary and we will return these to you or you can download from the website.  As for the retained list full details of how to complete are contained in the handout.  When you submit your retained list and registrations these will be sent to Durham County Football Association and North Riding County Football Association, please be aware that your retained list MUST be submitted by 1 August as per F.A rules (we will accept on 2 August at Fixtures Meeting) otherwise players will have to complete a new registration form.  Players on the retained list must also read the Respect Code of Conduct and initial the retained list as well as signature to say they have been shown a copy of the Code of Conduct, failure to do so will result in player not being registered.  You will not have to register any player on the retained list on the website as they will be already there waiting to be completed by the Registration Secretary.  However any new player signing a registration form can be added to the website prior to submitting the form. 
Also be advised that in order to play on the first Sunday of the season the registrations must be lodged with the Registration Secretary 14 days in advance (ie 6 August) any received after this date will not be processed until after the first game has been played.  You must have at least 14 players registered 14 days before the season starts otherwise you will not be allowed to play and will be charged with an unplayed game.  No transfers are permitted before the season starts; first available date for a transfer is 21 August 2017.  Please destroy any old Player Registration Forms that you may have.  Players signing a registration form must also read the Respect Code of Conduct and initial the box on the registration form, failure to do so will result in player not being registered.  All player registrations are now £2 per player. 

Codes of Conduct

These are to be shown to all Players, Coaches, Secretaries and Managers and then the players must initial to say they have read these, the signed sheets are to be submitted to League Secretary along with the Player Registrations.  The new player registration forms have a box to initial to say they have read the Codes if not initialled then they will not be registered.  There is also a Code of Conduct form for Secretaries, Managers and Coaches to sign if they are not registered as a player these also need to be returned at the Fixtures Meeting on 2 August.
Durham County Football Association Player Insurance

The process for Durham County Football Association player insurance is the same as last season whereby it is paid per team, Durham County Football Association have stated they will pay £50 per team towards the cost of the insurance leaving the team to pay £55.  The league have issued an invoice to all teams for the insurance (in your envelope tonight) and the teams will need to pay this by 1 September 2017, any team that doesn’t pay by 1 September will be automatically suspended until it is paid.

Additional Information:

Remind Durham Clubs that FORM 'A' and Cash Statement needs to be in by 1st July otherwise a £10 fine per form.  

Remind North Riding County Football Association Clubs that they need to affiliate using the Whole Game System and should be done by Friday 30 June, if not done there is a £10 late affiliation fee and then they must advise the League Secretary of their affiliation number.  They must also purchase Insurance by 1 July 2017.

Changes to suspensions from 2017-2018, the main change is that any player who is suspended the date will commence from 7 days after the offence instead of 14 as per last season.

Change of Name: No Team can change name without the written permission of the County F.A. and the League, a fee of £20 must accompany all applications.  For Durham County Football Association Clubs there name can now be changed at any time as there are no date restrictions however North Riding County Football Association Club’s may not change its name after the 1st August in any season.

Whilst on about County Cups a reminder to Durham County Football Association Teams that the closing date for the Sunday Cup is the 1 August 2017, cost £10.  North Riding County Football Association Teams are advised that the closing date is the 14 July 2017 cost is £20 per competition; entry is via the Whole Game system when registering on the North Riding County Football Association website, the club needs to advise North Riding County Football Association if NOT entering the cup competitions, exemption forms (cost £10) to be submitted by 14 July 2017.  North Riding County Football Association Teams must enter at least one cup competition or ask for exemption.  Forms are available on the North Riding County Football Association website.    

Reminder to Teams to submit their Team Agreement Form for the coming season at or before the Fixtures Meeting which is on the 2 August 2017 here at the Elm Tree Social Club, Teams have been issued with the date of all meetings for season 2017-2018.  If you are going to be away around this date then please let me have an alternative address to which I can send details. 

Enclosed in your envelope tonight is a list of meeting nights for the coming season, I have yet to organise a date for the next first aid course which will be held later this year.

Once again there will be no games over Christmas and New Year holiday period (Sunday’s 24 & 31 December 2017), there will be a two-week break.

As per league rules I need to know ALL teams’ colours by 20 July to enable these to be put onto the website and also available for the fixtures meeting, also any other changes need to be notified by this date.

Once again the Management Committee have decided that next season all the details will  be published on the website this will mean that the information is up to date, if this is a problem for any team then I wish to know, however please let me know asap.  The same applies to the League Rules and any other information that Team require.  Match returns will again be done on the website.

I have been asked to bring to your attention that now is the time to act with regards players who owe your Club money, if this is the case then the matter needs to be reported to the County F.A and also the league that way it can be ensured that the player does not play until he clears his debt.


Notes from March Meeting

Secretaries Report – Matters Arising                  

Update from last month in that Hardwick Social Club won both their semi-finals recently and will play in the Durham Sunday Cup Final on the 14 May 2017 at Billingham Synthonia kick off 11:00 against Newton Aycliffe Locomotion.  The final of the All England Sunday Cup sees Hardwick Social Club face the favourites and holders New Salamis F.C from Surrey on the 7 May 2017 at Bramall Lane the home of Sheffield United kick off 14:00.

This is a massive achievement for a team no matter what level to reach these finals so all we can do as a League is give them our best wishes and bring the trophies back to Stockton.

Also last month I was asked if a Notice Board could be created for teams to advertise upon this has now been done and can be found on the website under the Information tab.  However anything that needs to be added here must be sent to the League Secretary as he is the only person at present who can update this section.

Charter Standard

Charter Standard Health Check should now be completed, however still a number of teams not completed: Fairfield Sports & Social Club, Jolly Farmers, Norton Unicorn, Doctor McGonicles and Thornaby Roundel.  I need to see all these teams at the end of the meeting.

Just to advise that the FA Community Awards are now open, so if you have anyone you wish to nominate then now is the time to do it, go to the Durham County Football Association or North Riding County Football Association websites for more details and to submit an application, closes end April.

Secretaries Report

Last Wednesday 22 March 2017 I attended a meeting at Durham County Football Association for all the Senior League’s in the County.  The President Ian Shuttleworth opened the meeting and welcomed all he then handed over to Claire Davidson (from the FA) who gave a demonstration on the whole game system registration process which John Topping gave us recently.

There were a number of points raised by Leagues these included all cup ties being played over 90 minutes with no extra time; this is down to each league and in their own rules.  There was a question raised about referee’s not closing dates and not turning up. John Topping advised that if they were regular offenders then the matter should be reported to the County FA

The matter of sin bins was discussed as this has been raised by other Counties and the matter is to go to IFAB for consideration.

We also discussed about Flexible football which sees games played over 50 minutes on a 3G pitch could use sin bins, also adult level could be mixed football.

SCOR (Standard Code of Rules) John Topping outlined the changes to Rules for next season that are mandatory for Leagues these included a change to debt recovery, 10b minimum playing time 2 x 30 minutes will constitute a game.  In the case of an abandoned fixture the result may be allowed to stand as long as it doesn’t penalise a team.  Coloured shirts for referee’s (needs sanctioning by DFA first) but leagues may be allowed to use black and one other colour (which would be decided by DFA), this change means teams will be allowed to wear black or very dark shirts.  However if a referee only has a black shirt then black kits cannot be warn.

The biggest discussion of the night centred on the demise of 11-a-side football.  Some of the problems highlighted included lack of volunteers, facilities, fees, flexible kick off times.  This is only a brief outline as this was quite a lengthy discussion and we all felt the same as there is no one solution to the problem.

Congratulations must also go to Thornaby Aerodrome Club on reaching the final of the North Riding Sunday Challenge Cup which will be played on Thursday 20 April at Stokesley kick off 7-30.

The last day for signing players is 31 March as is the last day for Transfers.

A reminder that 31 March 2017 is the date for any teams intending to resign from the League; this must be done either by letter or email to the League Secretary.

Notes from February Meeting

Secretaries Report – Matters Arising                  

I mentioned at last month’s meeting that with fixtures running out if teams wanted extra games I would organise another competition rather than teams playing friendlies and having to go through County FA for permission.  However only two teams expressed an interest (Marton Rovers & The Oxbridge) therefore as there was a lack of interest no further competitions will be organised by the League.  If you do organise a friendly you must advise your County FA otherwise your insurance becomes void.

The following teams have fines outstanding and need to be paid tonight:  The Oxbridge, St Marys College & Riverside.

Charter Standard

Charter Standard Health Check can now be completed, 6 footballs on offer once completed, still a number of teams not completed: Billingham The White House, Fairfield Sports & Social Club, Hardwick Social Club, Jolly Farmers, St Marys College, Doctor McGonicles, The George Pub & Grill, Thornaby Roundel, Thornaby Village.  Need to see all these teams at end of meeting as well as Marton Rovers & Riverside.

Just to advise that the FA Community Awards are now open, so if you have anyone you wish to nominate then now is the time to do it, go to the Durham County Football Association or North Riding County Football Association websites for more details and to submit an application.

Secretaries Report

Durham County Football Association is holding a meeting with Senior Leagues in the County on Monday 13 March which I will be attending, now changed to 22 March same as our meeting night, will see if our meeting can be moved back a week.

You will notice that the fixture list this month is looking a bit thin this is due to the good weather we have had whereby some Clubs have completed or nearly completed all fixtures.  There are a couple of teams who are behind and some clubs are queuing up to play these teams and also the majority of teams have asked for a free week on the 19 March 2017.

I have tried to fit the cup games in where possible but still a couple to sort out.

As mentioned at a meeting last year there will be no presentation night this year due to a lack of interest even from teams who win awards.  Therefore any presentations we do have will be made at the Annual General Meeting in June.

This is a bit of advance notice re next season in that if you are not continuing or unsure what is happening next season then a letter of resignation needs to be submitted by 31 March 2017. 

The last day for signing players is 31 March as is the last day for Transfers.

Where a team has finished its fixtures players will not be allowed to transfer to other teams.

All trophies need to be returned either at the March meeting or no later than 31 March 2017.

Certain teams are getting lax again with match return, two teams failed to submit by 6pm last night.

Any Other Business

Hardwick Social Club are in the semi-final of the Durham Sunday Cup on 5 March at Stockton Town F.C and on the 12 March they are in the semi-final of the All England Sunday Cup which is to played at Guisley F.C kick off 1400 hours.

Cameron Jackson (Portrack) asked if it was ok to arrange friendlies due to lack of fixtures, League Secretary advised that this was not a problem as long as County FA advised.  


Notes from January Meeting

Charter Standard

Charter Standard Health Check can now be completed, 6 footballs on offer once completed, I have been advised by Durham County Football Association & North Riding County Football Association of the teams who have completed, I will go through these and see why teams haven’t completed as yet as this has been on the agenda since October advising to sort and complete.

The League Charter Standard Plan has been submitted to Durham F.A. for the next three years and has been sent to the FA for sanctioning.


League Statement – from FA received on a weekly basis.
Various E-Mails requesting fixture postponements.
Emails re DFA & NRCFA County Cup games
Emails from Billingham FC & Coulby Newham tendering their resignation with immediate effect.

Email re The Princes Trust (Details in envelope)

Secretaries Report

I am starting tonight’s report with a deep concern in that to date we have lost three teams this season and it appears that more are struggling and we really need to address the problem, this is a national trend not just specific to our league.  Therefore we need to sit down as a Management Committee and discuss what we can do to help and also if anybody or team has any ideas then please send me any details via email so we can discuss.

The second matter is the player registration system for next season, we have basically two choices in that we can adopt the FA Whole Game System whereby you register the players using the FA website or we stick to our own website and we as a League will forward the registrations to the relevant County FA.  This will be discussed by the Management Committee and a decision will be made on which system we use, if anybody has any comments then please let us know.

I am aware that a number of teams have almost completed their fixtures or have very few games left between now and April, therefore some teams may find themselves without a game for a number of weeks till they can all be fitted in.  I am prepared to organise additional fixtures but only if teams are interested under the title of a cup competition which I will need to affiliate to Durham County Football Association if required.  As these will be ad-hoc games the referee’s fee would be split between the teams but as they will be affiliated there will be no need for you to seek permission to play a friendly with the County FA. 
Therefore before committing yourselves can you check with your teams if they want to play more games or are happy to finish the season when all games are completed.  I realise some teams still have a number of fixtures to fulfil so would not include them in these new fixtures.  I will wherever possible play these on Council pitches to avoid costs for those teams who play on private pitches and pay per game.

As for fixtures if you can see where a game may be possible can you please let me know and I will advise if it can be fitted in.

We will be doing a number of cup draws tonight and when and if these fixtures can be slotted in for next month then I will do so.

I have to move on to player registrations as some teams are not following the process for signings either pre-match or match day.  If you wish to sign a player before a match day and the paperwork is completed then it can be submitted to Jes Lambert to register the player on the website, you will not have to do anything as far as the website is concerned as Jes will register the player however if the registration is submitted on a Saturday then this may not be possible for Jes to complete, you would need to check before you play the player.  As for match day signings teams are not submitting correctly, firstly you should complete the registration form (completed legibly – so it can be read in block capitals) and then have this countersigned by a member of your opponents (preferably Secretary – not always possible) then you need to text the full details to Jes Lambert and then submit the form no later than 6 pm on a Tuesday along with the correct fee.  You will then enter the player on the website when you do your match return and Jes will complete the registration following the submission of the form and fee.  If any part is not completed and done correctly then the registration may be refused and further action taken against the Team concerned.

Match returns, some teams are getting lax and not completing within the timescales also team’s still not recording 2 yellow cards correctly, when a player receives two yellow cards that is all you enter; don’t tick the red card box, that is only used for a straight red card.  


Notes from November 2016 Meeting

Secretaries Report & Correspondence  
Charter Standard

First Aid course for this season was held on the 2 November here at Elm Tree Social Club when 10 people attended.

Charter Standard Health Check can now be completed, 6 footballs on offer once completed, as far as I am aware only two teams have completed to date and they have received there footballs, don’t delay get it done asap instead of waiting until next year.

I attended a League Charter Standard Meeting at Durham F.A. on the 27 October where a number of topics were discussed including how to help struggling teams and avoid them folding.  What courses leagues wanted and any help that may be required.


League Statement – from FA received on a weekly basis.
Various E-Mails requesting fixture postponements.
Emails re DFA & NRCFA County Cup games
Email from The Royal F.C tendering their resignation with immediate effect.
Emails from the FA, DFA & NRCFA re player registrations using the Whole Game System

Secretaries Report

I am starting tonight’s report with a couple of complaints, firstly over the last month I have received two emails from the Council with regards to litter left on the side of pitches, one was Darlington Back Lane following a fixture between Stockton Five Alls & The Garrick the other was at Tilery for Norton Unicorn v Nifco, this is not good enough.  Last month I brought a full roll of rubbish bags so teams could use to clear up but nobody bothered.  Therefore if I get any more complaints then teams will be charged and brought before the Management Committee and further punishment could be taken.

Second complaint is once again to do with social media, once again can you advise your players about posting comments that can be taken the wrong way and also be offensive.  We had reason to report a player to Durham County Football Association for comments he made about another team in the league this is not acceptable and will not be tolerated, not only could the player be charged but your Club could face a charge as well.   

Just to advise that there are no fixtures 25 December 2016 and 1 January 2017 the fixtures for January will be posted on the website, I have included enough team sheets for December and January.

Reminders to Teams playing in County Cups etc to text in result of game to League Secretary within the required timescale and also advise the County FA.

The Royal as mentioned in correspondence have resigned from the League with immediate effect and following a Management Committee meeting last week they were fined and as the Club is not paying the fine it has been split amongst the players, it works out at £10 per player and they are suspended as of Monday 21 November 2016.  I know a couple of player have signed for new teams but this fine must be paid before they play again.  Just to add I received a text from Michael Swales asking if at the next meeting I would apologise on his behalf to the teams of the premier division and the Management Committee.

Also mentioned in correspondence re Player Registration using the Whole Game System, as yet as a league we have not discussed this yet so we will continue with our present registration process until it is discussed and see what we do.

Date of the next League Meeting which is the General Meeting on Wednesday 25 January 2017.  


Notes from Meeting 28 September 2016

Charter Standard

I have yet to organise a First Aid course for this season, however I am reluctant to do this as Teams are not providing the information I have asked for.  At the last meeting I ask all Teams can you advise me of your first aider and the expiry date of their certificate as it only lasts three years.  Failure to comply with this instruction will result in a fine being issued.  As I went on holiday following the last meeting no fines have been issued so I will give teams one more chance to provide the information.


League Statement – from FA received on a weekly basis.
Various E-Mails requesting fixture postponements already
Emails re DFA & NRCFA County Cup games
Secretaries Report

I have to start tonight’s report with two complaints I received from the Council whilst I was away with regards to litter left by the side of pitches, this involved Tilery and Yarm Road pitch.  As I have stated on many occasions we have a big problem with Yarm Road and therefore both teams who play there need to make sure all is tidy and the gate is locked.  However I must add that I received a compliment this week re Yarm Road pitch from the Council as they inspect this every week and I sent an email to The Oxbridge regarding this.  I have brought some bags to the meeting tonight if you require any then please take some, they are on a roll and for those teams who have changing rooms the rubbish can be left inside and the Council will collect.

For those teams who play on a Council pitch there is an invoice in your envelope tonight for the first half year payment, this is due on or before the next meeting 26 October 2016.

A reminder to Teams playing in County Cups etc to text in result of game to League Secretary within the required timescale and also advise the County FA.

Also to advise ALL teams that extra time is still played in all cups within the league and that the referee’s fee is shared between the two teams.

Teams are not following the correct process for registering players on a match day, so to remind teams of the correct process, you must complete a player registration form and this has to be countersigned by the Secretary of your opponents, if Secretary not available should be signed by a member of the team.  The details, name, date of birth and address including post code then need to be sent via text to nominated league official.  The player is then registered on the League website when completing their match return (do not register before the game).  The completed registration form then needs to be sent or delivered to the nominated league official by 6 pm on a Tuesday along with the correct fee.  If any part of this is not done correctly then a fine may be issued for incorrect process.

There is a change to the registration process in that as of tonight Jes Lambert will take over the role of Registration Secretary therefore all registrations will now go through Jes and not the League Secretary.

Just to clarify why you don’t register a player prior to match day (unless paperwork is submitted prior to game) if you do when you come to do your match return the player will not be available to select therefore for match day signings you register when doing match return that way the player will be available to select but will not be fully registered until the registration form has been received and checked by nominated league official (normally Jes Lambert).

When a mark of 55 or less is awarded then you are required to submit a report detailing why you have awarded the mark you have given, some teams have not been doing this and I have emailed them asking for a report, I should not have to do this.  It is quite simple to do on the website, go to the Information tab then select Online Forms followed by Club Secretaries then Match & Referee Report then complete the report.  You need to enter something in the Match Report box otherwise it will not send, just add the result here and the report is sent to Jes Lambert and myself.  You can also use this to send in a match report of your game.

The FA has launched the 2016 Grassroots Football Survey, which will run from Monday 19 September until Friday 28 October, it can be accessed via the Durham County Football Association or North Riding County Football Association websites.

Date of the next League Meeting which is the General Meeting on Wednesday 26 October 2016.  When both Durham County Football Association & North Riding County Football Association will be in attendance.


Notes from Meeting 24 August 2016

Secretaries Report – Matters Arising                  

I have to apologise as I forgot to put the notes from the last meeting on the website.

Also I have to report that Durham County Football Association are unable to attend tonight and this meeting has been rescheduled to the October meeting when both Durham County Football Association and North Riding County Football Association will be in attendance.  The reason for non-attendance is that John Topping is away and he wants to attend in person, he was going to send somebody else but has decided against that.

Durham County Football Association Clubs Insurance due by 1 September 2016.

Charter Standard

The League attended the awards night at Durham County Cricket Ground on Tuesday 16 August and League President Derek Overton collected the FA Charter Standard League of the Year for Durham County.

It is also pleasing to report that Jes Lambert also collected an award as runner-up for Outstanding Contribution to Community Football, again a magnificent achievement and well deserved.

I have yet to organise a First Aid course for this season, once I have a date I will advise teams of this, however my list of first aiders is out of date due to teams not advising who their first aider is.  Therefore can I ask that as you have all completed your Charter Standard can you advise me of your first aider and the expiry date of their certificate as it only lasts three years.  Failure to comply with this instruction will result in a fine being issued.

Secretaries Report

Therefore not a lot to report tonight however a number of teams slipped up on Sunday with the following:

Hardwick Social Club failed to complete a match return within the required timescale, it was completed this morning at 6-40, Billingham The White House missed a caution of the match return and Norton Unicorn failed to confirm the game with the referee in the correct time scale.
I haven’t issued fines for these as I am using these as an example as to what can constitute a fine however the penalty points have been added to the Conduct Table.

So as a reminder so all are aware, match return needs to be completed by 6 pm on a Tuesday for a Sunday game and by 6pm on a Thursday for a Tuesday game and 6pm Saturday for a Thursday game.  As for Cautions or dismissals the easy way as these can be missed (not so much red cards) check with the referee at the end of the game if any cautions have been awarded.

As for informing referees of the match details for a Sunday this must done by 9 pm on a Wednesday, for a Tuesday night game it should be by 9pm on a Friday and 9pm on a Sunday for a Thursday game.

Also on your match return you don’t have to nominate a man of the match anymore.

As you all have access to your Clubs details these can now be amended by yourself if you have any changes, ie strip or phone number, all I ask is that if you make a change you let me know.

One other area for major concern is Yarm Road Playing Field; this really applies to The Garrick and The Oxbridge plus opposition teams who play there.  As many may know there is gentleman who does his best to report the slightest problem (ie litter, gates left open) to the Council, he has being doing this for some time, therefore when you play at Yarm Road can you ensure that you clear all rubbish away and the two teams ensure that the gate is locked.  Also other teams need to be aware to clear up after each game; the Council now check pitches on a regular basis so make sure you clean up.  If you play on a site with changing rooms then you may leave the rubbish bagged up inside and the council will remove.  Bags are available for teams, so if you want some please collect at end of meeting.

I have had a copy of the DFA Handbook added to the League website, also registration and Transfer forms are also available on the website.

from 2 September until the 17 September during this time I will not be contactable therefore for Sunday 4 September and Sunday 11 September as well as any midweek fixtures during this time then you need to contact Jes Lambert (not available during the day) that is for results and registrations plus anything else.

Sunday 4 September is the first preliminary round of the DFA Sunday cup with the next round two weeks later, therefore for the 18 September you need to check the website for any changes to fixture and referee, please help Jes as much as possible by doing things right.