Notes from January Meeting

Charter Standard

Charter Standard Health Check can now be completed, 6 footballs on offer once completed, I have been advised by Durham County Football Association & North Riding County Football Association of the teams who have completed, I will go through these and see why teams haven’t completed as yet as this has been on the agenda since October advising to sort and complete.

The League Charter Standard Plan has been submitted to Durham F.A. for the next three years and has been sent to the FA for sanctioning.


League Statement – from FA received on a weekly basis.
Various E-Mails requesting fixture postponements.
Emails re DFA & NRCFA County Cup games
Emails from Billingham FC & Coulby Newham tendering their resignation with immediate effect.

Email re The Princes Trust (Details in envelope)

Secretaries Report

I am starting tonight’s report with a deep concern in that to date we have lost three teams this season and it appears that more are struggling and we really need to address the problem, this is a national trend not just specific to our league.  Therefore we need to sit down as a Management Committee and discuss what we can do to help and also if anybody or team has any ideas then please send me any details via email so we can discuss.

The second matter is the player registration system for next season, we have basically two choices in that we can adopt the FA Whole Game System whereby you register the players using the FA website or we stick to our own website and we as a League will forward the registrations to the relevant County FA.  This will be discussed by the Management Committee and a decision will be made on which system we use, if anybody has any comments then please let us know.

I am aware that a number of teams have almost completed their fixtures or have very few games left between now and April, therefore some teams may find themselves without a game for a number of weeks till they can all be fitted in.  I am prepared to organise additional fixtures but only if teams are interested under the title of a cup competition which I will need to affiliate to Durham County Football Association if required.  As these will be ad-hoc games the referee’s fee would be split between the teams but as they will be affiliated there will be no need for you to seek permission to play a friendly with the County FA. 
Therefore before committing yourselves can you check with your teams if they want to play more games or are happy to finish the season when all games are completed.  I realise some teams still have a number of fixtures to fulfil so would not include them in these new fixtures.  I will wherever possible play these on Council pitches to avoid costs for those teams who play on private pitches and pay per game.

As for fixtures if you can see where a game may be possible can you please let me know and I will advise if it can be fitted in.

We will be doing a number of cup draws tonight and when and if these fixtures can be slotted in for next month then I will do so.

I have to move on to player registrations as some teams are not following the process for signings either pre-match or match day.  If you wish to sign a player before a match day and the paperwork is completed then it can be submitted to Jes Lambert to register the player on the website, you will not have to do anything as far as the website is concerned as Jes will register the player however if the registration is submitted on a Saturday then this may not be possible for Jes to complete, you would need to check before you play the player.  As for match day signings teams are not submitting correctly, firstly you should complete the registration form (completed legibly – so it can be read in block capitals) and then have this countersigned by a member of your opponents (preferably Secretary – not always possible) then you need to text the full details to Jes Lambert and then submit the form no later than 6 pm on a Tuesday along with the correct fee.  You will then enter the player on the website when you do your match return and Jes will complete the registration following the submission of the form and fee.  If any part is not completed and done correctly then the registration may be refused and further action taken against the Team concerned.

Match returns, some teams are getting lax and not completing within the timescales also team’s still not recording 2 yellow cards correctly, when a player receives two yellow cards that is all you enter; don’t tick the red card box, that is only used for a straight red card.