Notes from November 2016 Meeting

Secretaries Report & Correspondence  
Charter Standard

First Aid course for this season was held on the 2 November here at Elm Tree Social Club when 10 people attended.

Charter Standard Health Check can now be completed, 6 footballs on offer once completed, as far as I am aware only two teams have completed to date and they have received there footballs, don’t delay get it done asap instead of waiting until next year.

I attended a League Charter Standard Meeting at Durham F.A. on the 27 October where a number of topics were discussed including how to help struggling teams and avoid them folding.  What courses leagues wanted and any help that may be required.


League Statement – from FA received on a weekly basis.
Various E-Mails requesting fixture postponements.
Emails re DFA & NRCFA County Cup games
Email from The Royal F.C tendering their resignation with immediate effect.
Emails from the FA, DFA & NRCFA re player registrations using the Whole Game System

Secretaries Report

I am starting tonight’s report with a couple of complaints, firstly over the last month I have received two emails from the Council with regards to litter left on the side of pitches, one was Darlington Back Lane following a fixture between Stockton Five Alls & The Garrick the other was at Tilery for Norton Unicorn v Nifco, this is not good enough.  Last month I brought a full roll of rubbish bags so teams could use to clear up but nobody bothered.  Therefore if I get any more complaints then teams will be charged and brought before the Management Committee and further punishment could be taken.

Second complaint is once again to do with social media, once again can you advise your players about posting comments that can be taken the wrong way and also be offensive.  We had reason to report a player to Durham County Football Association for comments he made about another team in the league this is not acceptable and will not be tolerated, not only could the player be charged but your Club could face a charge as well.   

Just to advise that there are no fixtures 25 December 2016 and 1 January 2017 the fixtures for January will be posted on the website, I have included enough team sheets for December and January.

Reminders to Teams playing in County Cups etc to text in result of game to League Secretary within the required timescale and also advise the County FA.

The Royal as mentioned in correspondence have resigned from the League with immediate effect and following a Management Committee meeting last week they were fined and as the Club is not paying the fine it has been split amongst the players, it works out at £10 per player and they are suspended as of Monday 21 November 2016.  I know a couple of player have signed for new teams but this fine must be paid before they play again.  Just to add I received a text from Michael Swales asking if at the next meeting I would apologise on his behalf to the teams of the premier division and the Management Committee.

Also mentioned in correspondence re Player Registration using the Whole Game System, as yet as a league we have not discussed this yet so we will continue with our present registration process until it is discussed and see what we do.

Date of the next League Meeting which is the General Meeting on Wednesday 25 January 2017.